Angel Cards

If you haven’t heard of angel cards before, they can be a fantastic way of connecting further with your angels. By harnessing the power of angel cards, you can seek guidance in your life and can focus on specific questions related to different areas like health, finance, and relationships. So what exactly are angel cards and how do they work?

What are angel cards?

Angel cards, also known as oracle cards, are an ancient way of connecting further with our angels. Angel cards are simply a deck of specialized cards, such as the Doreen Virtue Oracle Cards, that have meanings and interpretations that will help us in our lives and offer us much needed guidance or protection. The way in which our angels work through the angel cards is to guide us to the right card or cards for us at the time, to make sure that we get the message that we need.

How do angel card readings work?

The way in which angel card readings work is very simple. In order for them to produce the best results, you need to approach them with an open heart and a pure intention, and it really helps if you have the intention that you are going to get the guidance or divine messages that you are looking for. If you approach a reading with skepticism and with a closed off spirit, the cards will still work, but it will be more difficult for the message to come through clearly for you. Think of it as any kind of earthly communication. If someone is talking to you but you don’t want to listen, then it will be that much harder to hear what they have to say.

You mustn’t ever worry about getting the ‘wrong card’ when you have an angel card reading, as this is impossible! Whatever cards come up, this will have been facilitated by your angels. You must also remember that the Law of Attraction means that the cards will match up in line with your intentions and you will always get the answer you need.

It is widely believed that angels posses six kinds of energy, including in the diverse realms of reflection, rejuvenation, alignment, nourishment, integration, and partnership. As such, an angel card reading is designed to discuss one or more of these realms in line with the questions that you have and the number of cards used in the reading. Each card has a specific meaning depending on where it was drawn in the sequence, and the meaning of the card itself. Usually, the cards have different functions, so some are used to guide you in day to day matters and some are drawn to layer further spiritual insights on top of these daily projections and advice. The cards usually also relate to mind, body, and spirit, and so depending on which cards you draw, you will get explicit guidance for each aspect.

Once the angel cards have been drawn, pay special attention to your feelings. Make notes of any additional thoughts that come to you or any marked feelings you may suddenly experience during or after a reading. Some people may also experience visions as they go through the a reading which is normal and is just the angels’ way of personalizing the experience for you so that get the answers and support you are looking for.

Finally, the pictures on the cards are as important as the words, so make sure that you don’t discount these. Look at the pictures, in particular any that you are especially drawn to, or any parts of the pictures that seem to speak to you, as this is your angels’ way of trying to show you something significant.

When you have finished a reading you will have actions to take as a result of the cards drawn. Usually these will take the form of steps that you can follow one by one in order to attain the help, protection, or healing that you are searching for. It helps if you have a positive attitude to following these steps, and that you also listen to your inner voice as part of the process, as this is also your angels guiding you on your path.

How do angel cards affect us?

As we have a guardian angel with us all the time, and as we can call upon angels and archangels to help us, we might not see the value in also using angel cards. On the contrary however, angel cards are a great way for us to connect with our angels on a deeper level, as well as allowing us to ask them for specific help or guidance.

In our daily lives, we may ask our angels for more general things, such as comfort or protection. In times of trouble or darkness, we might turn to an angel and asked to be kept safe, but angel cards can be used at other times, when we are experiencing specific issues in our lives.

One example of this might be if we want to change an aspect of our life but don’t know how to go about it, or we feel stuck at a crossroads and have no idea which way to turn. At times like this, consulting the angel cards can be the best thing for us to do, and as we reflect on our question, our angels will guide us in the purest and clearest form we can imagine.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to angel card readings is to remember that we should not ask the same questions over and over again as this can confuse our situation, and we need time to work through the steps on the cards that were first shown to us. As long as we approach the cards with an open mind and spirit however, the angels will always point us in the right direction. Angel card readings are fantastic for soothing us in times of discomfort, and if we ever feel like things are becoming too much for us to handle.

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