How To Give An Angel Card Reading

Now that you’re armed with a little more knowledge about Angel cards, you’re probably wondering how the readings work. Although reading Angel cards does not have strict set of rules there are general methods that all Angel card readings employ. This guide will give you a sense of what to expect during an Angel card reading.

Cleanse Your Cards

The first and most important step in any cartomancy, including Angel card readings, is to cleanse your cards. Cleansing your cards when they’re new will help to align them with the Angels and get rid of any energies they may have picked up before you purchased them. As you continue to do readings with you Angel cards, it’s important to regularly cleanse them to make sure you are connecting with the Angels during your readings. There are many ways to cleanse your cards and you should do whatever feels right for you. Here are some suggestions for ways to cleanse your cards:

  • Shuffle light into your deck. To do this, shuffle your cards with the intention to get rid of negative energy. While shuffling, visualize that white light is entering your cards and filling them with positive vibes.
  • Use crystals to absorb and remove negative energy from the cards. Tourmaline, Selenite, Amethyst, and Carnelian are great crystals to use for cleansing. Sweep your crystals over the cards and channel your intentions to remove bad energy.
  • Moonlight provides a powerful energy that can blast away any negativity your Angel cards may be harboring. Place your cards outside under the moonlight so that they may absorb the Moon’s brilliant light. By the morning they will be cleansed and ready to use. Don’t forget to use a paper weight to keep your cards from flying away.

Now that your cards are cleansed, you’re ready to provide an Angel card reading.

Prepare Your Space and Cards

The first thing you’ll want to do is clear your mind and try to attune your energy into that of the Angels. Once you have your mind focused, you’ll want to touch your cards to transfer your energy to them. An easy way to touch all the cards at once is to brush your finger along the corner of the stacked deck. Think about any good intentions or prayers as you touch your cards. Your cards will absorb you energy and set the tone for your reading.

Ask Your Question

Think of a question you would like to have answered if you’re doing the reading for yourself. If you’re doing the reading for someone else, have them think of their question or say it aloud. Some questions you may want to ask:

  • What guidance do my angels have for me today?
  • How can I improve my relationship with (whomever you may be having problems with)?
  • What is the likely outcome if I follow a certain course of action?

Try to ask for guidance rather than yes or no questions.

Shuffle the Cards

Hold your answer in your mind and heart as you shuffle your cards. Look to Heaven and trust that Angels will lead you to drawing the right card. While you are shuffling your deck, this is the time to say an invocation if you would like. Doreen Virtue’s favorite invocation is this:

“Dear God, I ask that only Your pure and trustworthy messages come through these cards. I ask that the answers I receive be clear and easy to understand. Please help me to see, hear, feel, and know Your messages for us. I ask that this card reading bring blessings to everyone involved.”

You can use this invocation or write up your own. Remember the key is to do whatever you feel is the most comfortable.

As you’re shuffling, if any cards come loose, be sure to put them aside as they will become part of your reading. Pay attention to any thoughts, messages, or feelings that may arise while you are shuffling your Angel cards. Stop shuffling when you feel and intuition or have received a message from the Angels.

Pick Your Card

This step might seem daunting at first because you’re probably worrying about drawing the wrong card. However, when it comes to Angel cards there is no such thing. The Divine Law of Attraction ensures that whatever card you draw is the right one for the situation. Don’t stress too much about this step and just pick a card from any part of the deck that you feel is right.

The card that you select will provide the answer that you are seeking. Pay attention to everything about the card. If there are words on them, then be mindful of any feelings that emerge as you are reading them. The illustrations and symbols on the card are also important and are a part of the message that Angels are sending to you.

Remember to look at any cards that may have jumped out while you were shuffling your deck. These cards are also a part of your Angel message.

Read the Guidebook That Came with Your Cards

Your Angel card deck should come with a booklet of some sort that has additional information about the cards. As you read these explanations, pay attention to any emotions, words, or thoughts that come to you. Anything that you notice is a divine message from the Angels.

Don’t Be Afraid to Reshuffle and Draw Another Card

If you feel like you still need more guidance after drawing your card and going through your reading, don’t hesitate to reshuffle your deck and draw a new card. You can do this when you’re seeking many possible outcomes to your question or just looking for more details. Every card you draw will be a message from Heaven and will provide you with the help you are seeking.

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