Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is commonly known as the “Messenger of God”, Angel of Children, The Patron Angel of all who works in the field of communications, and Heavens postal workers.

Gabriel’s halo is copper-colored, like the angel’s symbolic trumpet, and often portrayed as a handsome young man with golden long flowing hair and large wings.

A mighty Archangel and a high-ranking messenger angel the highest of them all. Gabriel is said to be the angel of revelation and communication. In the Bible, Gabriel appears to both Mary and Joseph to announce the coming of Jesus Christ. The same Angel who appeared to priest Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth to announce the coming of John the Baptist. They are also said to have appeared on Mohammed too, helping to reveal the Koran.

Gabriel is the angel of Divine Feminism who is aligned in the situation of pregnancy, conception, birth, adoption, raising the children, and the patron of communication.

If you want to conceive, give birth, adopt or others related to Divine Feminism and communication, always call upon Archangel Gabriel for her support and help.

Archangel Gabriel is often referred to as the healing angel. This is because Gabriel has a very strong healing energy. When you work with Gabriel, you will feel their healing energy surrounding you. It is said that Gabriel can heal physical, emotional, and mental wounds. They can also help you release old patterns that are no longer serving you. If you are feeling lost or confused, Gabriel can help you find your way. They are a powerful colleague in times of need. When you work with Gabriel, you will feel their love and compassion surrounding you. You will also feel their healing energy beginning to work on whatever issue you are dealing with. If you are open to it, Gabriel can help to heal your wounds and help you to move forward.

Archangel Gabriel is working with the Creator to bring forth healing on all levels of your life, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. In sending this message of healing to you, Archangel Gabriel helps you to focus on your inner light and divinity so that you can manifest your dreams and desires into reality.

If you are feeling stuck and need a boost, the healing energy of Archangel Gabriel can assist you in moving forward. When you ask for help from the Archangels, they will always respond. Sometimes the response may seem slow, but if you keep the faith and continue to take steps in the direction of your goals, the healing energy of the Archangels will be there for you

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