A History of Angel Cards

Most people have probably heard of Tarot cards, but many people are probably unaware that Angel cards exist. With their rising popularity, people are seeking more information about Angel cards. This is a good place to start, as the history of Angel cards will be discussed.

Although you’re already here seeking out information about Angel cards, you still might not know what they actually are. Angel cards are a special type of Oracle card, which are more positive and modern cards used in cartomancy based on Tarot cards. Oracle cards rose in popularity in the 19th century while the earliest Tarot cards first appeared in the 14th century.

Oracle cards derive their name from the “Oracle” of ancient Greek mythology. When the ancient Greeks needed guidance they sought out an Oracle, which was either a sacred place where they could speak to the Gods or a person with the power of divination. This second type of Oracle is where Oracle cards draw their inspiration. These cards are used by people to divine or read their futures and answer questions.

Oracle cards first gained popularity in 18th century France when renowned fortuneteller and cartomancer Madame Marie Lenormand began using an Oracle card deck of her own design. She used these cards to give readings to many influential French people including Napoleon Bonaparte, Maximilien Robespierre, Empress Josephine, and Tsar Alexander I. After her death in 1843, several Oracle card decks used her name. The most popular of these decks includes a 36 illustrated card version called Petit Lenormand or Lenormand cards. This oracle card deck is still in use today and is modeled on a deck of playing cards designed by Johann Kaspar Hechtel.

Unlike Tarot cards, Oracle cards don’t follow any kind of strict structure. This has allowed people the freedom to develop Oracle cards based on anything that they find inspirational. Today, the popularity and diversity of Oracle cards has exploded. Some of the most common themes of Oracle cards are based on Angels, Archangels, Fairies, Flowers, and Mermaids. These Oracle cards are meant to encourage positive thinking and provide powerful messages.

Angel cards are one of the most popular types of Oracle cards. They are often used by people for lighter readings as they deal with love and light. According to the most famous practitioner of Angel cards Doreen Virtue, the guidance of Angel cards provides “uplifting, positive and loving. Angel messages always mention how to improve something: an outlook, one’s health, relationships, the environment, the world, and so on.”

With all the freedom that Oracle cards allow, there is a wide variety of Angel card decks available. Angel cards are often illustrated with beautiful imagery of Angels or other spiritual images. They can be accompanied by messages or phrases that are inspirational and motivational. Angel cards can be based on individual Angels or provide guidance through more general spiritual symbols.

The messages on Angel cards are always uplifting and positive. Due to this, they are great for anyone to use, even children. Angel cards are a way to help people connect to and receive Divine messages from the Angels. The power behind Angel cards is to provide people with the ability to tap into the idea that we all have guardian Angels looking out for us. Angel cards are also easy for beginners to use as most decks come with booklets with further information about each card or suggestions on how to use and read them.

Since they have such encouraging messages and symbols, Angel cards are the perfect thing to turn to on those very rough days. Many people believe in things like divine intervention and Angel cards are a way to channel those messages to us in times of need. Angels are also believed to have healing powers and can guide us toward the right path in our lives. This strong imagery and belief about the power of Angels makes them the most popular theme for Oracle cards.

Now that you know more about Angel cards and their history you can begin to delve deeper into the world of Angel cards. You might even be inspired to seek out your own Angel card reading or look into obtaining an Angel card deck of your own.

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