3 Types of Guardian Angels

Many people want to know if they have a guardian angel or if they are surrounded by angels. Depending on whether or not you are familiar with the concept of Divine Beings, the terms ‘guardian angel’ or even ‘angels’ can be confusing. To explain it simply, there are different kinds of angels that can help us walk through life, and although all angels are sent to protect and nurture us, they can take slightly different forms and perform a variety of functions.

Guardian Angels

We all have a guardian angel, even skeptics who don’t believe in such a thing! Some of us may want to believe, but we also may think that we are undeserving of a guardian angel, or that we don’t have enough faith to be rewarded with one. This is completely untrue, as everyone has a guardian angel without exception. Your guardian angel is assigned to you from birth and will stay with you throughout your life on earth, where the angel will love you and take care of you, providing guidance along the way. In this sense, know that your angel is constant, and that it is always with you, especially in dark times or times when you may be lacking in faith.

One thing to remember is that a guardian angel is not a spirit guide, although they do offer guidance if you choose to listen. A spirit guide however is a being that was once a human, and who has since transitioned and been trained to become a spirit guide to those still on earth. To that end, spirit guides can often be former family members who have passed over and who still want to watch over us and protect us.

Spirit guides are loving beings who can provide us with a great amount of support, but they are not the same as guardian angels who are beings of Divine Light. A guardian angel has never walked upon the earth and has never ‘lived’ and then crossed over. Because a guardian angel was never mortal, they have a much higher spiritual presence and people who can pick up their vibrations say they have a very different energy to spirit guides.


We are assigned with a guardian angel at birth, but this is not the only angel who is here to help us. In fact, if you are open to angels then you can have as many as you want to help protect you. All angels are made of Divine Light and will always respond to our requests for help, guidance, protection, and spiritual comfort, so we should never be nervous or shy about asking for their help. Angels are here to bring joy to the world and as such they like nothing better than to be called up to do their work. If you ask for angels to protect you, then they will certainly come, and there is no limit on how many angels can surround you at one time.

Asking for angels to protect you is also not limited to just yourself, and while you can’t choose your guardian angel, or that of others, you can call upon angels to guard and nurture others. This might be members of your family who you want to protect, or a relative or close friend who is going through a hard time and who you feel needs a little extra support. In order to call these angels, you just need to invite them into the life of your loved one, just as you would invite them into your own life.

When it comes to calling for and asking for the guidance, protection, and love of angels, just remember to thank them for their work, as this is the only thing that they ask of you.


If there is an angel hierarchy, then archangels are at the top. If you think about it, you have one guardian angel who is assigned to you birth, followed by flocks of angels who are there to help if you call them. Of course, there needs to be someone who is managing all of this, which is where archangels come in. Because of their position in the hierarchy, it stands to reason that the archangels are more powerful than other angels, and you can call for them if you need some urgent assistance in a very dangerous or difficult situation.

An archangel is a spiritual being, which again makes them different from spirit guides, and as such they don’t move in time or space as we know it. This means that an archangel can help us and also be helping someone else at the same time, even if they are on the other side of the world! It doesn’t matter how many people need an archangel, if they are called upon then they will be there to help, and because they can help more than one person at once, you needn’t feel guilty that you are taking time or assistance away from someone else. There is more than enough healing, protecting, and nurturing energy to go around.

One important thing to remember about all of these angels however, is the way in which they are meant to operate. We all adhere to the law of ‘Free Will’, which means that we are in control of our destiny and can make our own decisions here on earth. As such, angels are not here to make these decisions for us and they cannot interfere in our lives or intervene if we don’t ask for them to help us. In that sense, we need to invite the angels in.

There are, of course, some exceptions to this, and an angel can intervene in our lives if we are in imminent danger. One example of this might be if we are about to be hit by a car, or something is about to fall on us from a great height, crushing and killing us. If we are about to die before our time, then an angel can step in and protect us without us having to ask. At any other time, we need to remember our angels and make sure that we call upon them so that they are present in our lives.

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