How will you get help with your love life from the Angels?

Angels are beings of pure love. They are there to help you when you need them in any area of your life, like your love life.

If you need help with your love life from the Angels, all you have to do is ask them to help you. You can either pray or simply ask for it, “Archangel Michael (or whichever you want to or you need help with), please do help me.”

Remember, the Angels always want what is best for you, so they will be happy to help you find a romantic partner who respects you and treats you well. Moreover, the Angels will help you learn how to love yourself first. They wanted you to honor yourself first in all of your relationships and know that self-love is the best foundation for loving others.

Just make sure that after you ask for help or guidance with your love life, you are open to following the advice you get! These Angels are happy to help humans and point us in the right direction, but there are a lot of times when we humans just ignore the good advice or direction we are given.

It is like when you KNOW someone is not good for you, BUT you still pursue the relationship anyway. The Angels and your intuition warn you against people who might break your heart, but sometimes those heartbreakers tug on our heartstrings even though our intuition and all the signs are screaming NO!

The Angels are patient, though. They will keep sending you signs. They will keep nudging your intuition. They will keep accompanying you to the right partner. Most of the time, they can’t interfere, so it will be up to you to follow the guidance you receive…

So which Angel do you ask for help with that love issue?

Archangel Chamuel is the Angel who is linked with unconditional love, and the one Archangel who is associated with loving relationships and unconditional love. He would be the one to call on when you are looking for your better half, to bring more love into your love life, and also help you to forgive yourself or your loved ones so that you can move forward after any issues that you encounter.

Archangel Michael is the Angel to call on, to help you with the issues related to self-esteem and worthiness in love relationships. He is the Angel who will protect and help your loved ones, furthermore the one who will help you stand tall and show your authentic self in your relationships. If you have a crush on someone who is “beyond your reach,” ask Archangel Michael for help in bringing you two together.

Archangel Uriel helps with self-confidence. Archangel Uriel is another Angel to work with to help build your self-esteem and show yourself, genuinely you, in your relationships.

Archangel Ariel is the one to call on, in addition to Archangel Michael, when you want to be courageous, either in asking a new person out or when you want to stand up for your own or your own needs. She will help you find the stability and courage you need.

Archangel Raphael is the angel to call on when you need help with healing, either self-confidence or self-esteem issues, the healing bonds between two people that have been broken (along with Archangel Chamuel), and also healing family issues that prevent a person from fully receiving or giving love.

Archangel Jeremiel is the angel to work with if you want to review your life or your love affair. He’s the one to call on to get help knowing if you should continue seeing someone or if you should go and move on. Furthermore, he’d be a great angel to call upon if you are undecided about which romantic partner to choose.

Last but not least, we have Archangel Azrael as the guide to grief and loss.

Archangel Azrael helps you deal with grief after a breakup and helps you through the transitional phase of moving from a relationship to a single one. Please don’t discontinue the value of grieving for a lost love – and remember to take some time to recover after a relationship before jumping right into something new.

The Angels Want You to Know!

Here are some very simple messages that the Angels wanted you to know…

No matter what kind of situation you are in, whether you are in a relationship or not, you are loved. If you feel lonely, simply call on the Angels for the support and comfort you need.

Trust your intuition and angelic guidance. Angels often give you messages and signs that only you can understand. They might come in the form of a physical sign, like a feather or a coin, a vision, a dream, or a snippet of a song that comes on the radio. The process is similar to a psychic’s sense of sudden goosebumps when he’s performing a free reading.

If something gives you goosebumps or it feels like a sign, then it is a sign.

If you want to increase the amount of love you have in your life, remember to be grateful for ALL of the loving relationships you have in your existence, from friends to family members!

You have to be patient! Things happened in a Divine Time, in God’s time. Fate and the Angels will be working on bringing you together with your soulmate or with your twin kindred soul, you should be patient and learn to wait because that requires time. Don’t just settle for anyone because you do not want to be alone.

Learn to love yourself

Learn to know the characteristics of the person you want to attract. Fill your time with fun and a lot of friends, hobbies, and meaningful work. Love will happen if it is meant to be and whatever the obstacle will be, destiny will always find you together.

Give yourself time between relationships  

If you’ve been especially hurt, make sure that you have closure between yourself and your old partner, before moving into a new relationship, so that you do not take any “old issues” from one relationship into the next and become the new healed version of you.

Take chances!

Love involves being open, vulnerable, and authentic. Find someone whom you don’t need to hide from, but whom you can trust and be yourself with and around.

Respect goes both ways.

You have to give respect if you want to receive it too. It is a give-and-a-take process. Because love fades over time but never removes respect both ways because respect is the tool to always increase and brighten your love for each other over time.

Communication is key

Your partner might get to know you well – be able to finish your sentences, know what your favorite things are – he feels what you feel, be able to communicate with you through your eyes, but, ultimately, that person is a separate entity from you who cannot hear your thoughts or read your mind! If you want something – say it. Don’t just hint around!

Remember that the Angels are there to help you, and all you have to do is call unto them. As they are the beings of love and light, they are more than happy to help you with any love issues or questions you might have in mind! Just be open and ready to receive their guidance in whatever form it appears.

 As you can see, angels are beings of pure love and light who want to help us in any way they can. If you’re feeling lost or stuck in your love life, don’t hesitate to reach out for help from the angelic realm. They are always there for us, and they will never let us down. If you’re feeling lost and don’t know where to turn, call on the angels for guidance. You may be surprised at how easily they can help clear away the fog in your mind and help you find the path that is best for you. We hope this article has been informative and helpful. Have a wonderful day!

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