Who Are the Seven Fallen Angels?

On Earth, as is it in Heaven, things did not inevitably run smoothly.

At all times, there is no exception, that there is always one entity that considers himself superior to others, so it was with Lucifer.

Lucifer was originally created by God as the perfect spiritual being (an Angel); wise and righteous, so “why”, Lucifer is thinking and talking to himself, and then an idea puffed up with pride, “should I not be God?” (Lucifer, the Devil, and Satan are sometimes depicted as one and the same.)

So Lucifer gathered the other angels around him, and he managed to persuade a third of them and joined him in the battle against God, for the great throne of Heaven.

But Lucifer lost the war. God remained in power and banished Lucifer and his followers from Heaven, causing them to fall to Earth, where they became the fallen angels, when they are on earth they roam it, propagated it, tempted humans to sin, and started mating with human beings until such time their offspring became monsters of any kind, others lead people astray, performed acts of all kinds of evil, corruption, and multiplying their ancestry on earth causing so much of wickedness, torment, and evil deeds.

And God saw everything where the wickedness of man was so great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart and mind was definitely only evil. And God has no other choice but to terminate them for good.

So God wiped out all sinful creatures including angels and humans except Noah and his family and some animals through a flood that lasted for almost forty (40) days and forty (40) nights.

And each fallen angel is cast into hell for good, as of now they are known as the prince of Hell, and are said to have been allotted one of the seven deadly sins, and they are now in hell but still roam Earth doing their best to lead people astray.

But who are these 7 fallen Angels? Who rebelled, and turned against God?

Let’s get to know the 7 princes of hell or others known to us as the 7 deadly sins.


He is the one who gathered the angels around him to rebel against God. He is said to be the brightest and most beautiful and handsome among all the beings.

Lucifer is said to be the bearer of light and is the name of various figures in folklore connected to the planet Venus.

Originally, in Roman mythology, they say he was the son of the goddess Aurora (Dawn).

In the Bible found in the book of Isaiah 14:12 in ancient Greek, he is called the “shining one” or the “morning star” rather than as a proper name, Lucifer.

Lucifer was allotted the sin of pride and is now known as the ruler of Hell.


Mammon, taken from the Hebrew word meaning money, material wealth, or any entity that promises wealth and greedy pursuit of gain.

Mammon is a powerful fallen angel, now a demon, that personifies the sin of Greed and is the demon lord of avarice, richness, abundance, prosperity, wealth, and injustice, most often personified as a deity.

During his time in Heaven, he was portrayed as forever looking downward at Heaven’s golden pathway rather than God himself. Because of Mammon’s obsession with gold and to the point where he did not even care about Lucifer’s rebellion but due to the fact that he cared more about material wealth than God, he was cast out too to hell.

Mammon is portrayed as a beggar and he was allotted the sin of Greed.


In Christianity, Asmodeus is the personification of lust and is known as the “Prince of Lechery”.

Asmodeus is usually portrayed as a prostitute, female or male, who walks with a limp, not having human legs but claws, or the legs of a rooster.

Asmodeus was originally an angel who is known as Asmodel and was in the order of the Cherubim hierarchy. And, right before the War in Heaven, he joined Lucifer’s rebellion against the Lord only to be personally defeated by the archangel Raphael, but not before Raphael brutally tore out the lion part of his body and cast him out of Heaven with the rebel angels in tow.

Asmodeus was allotted the sin of lust or the “Princes of Lust”.


The Leviathan was the first primordial sea beast created by God, followed by the Behemoth and the Ziz, as the embodiment of the chaotic waters that cannot be tamed by man and only by God himself.

Furthermore, at the time the Leviathan did not dwell within the Earth but resided in the Abyss until he was tamed by God after the creation of the Heavens and Earth. It is also said that the Leviathan was not too fond of being under God’s power and would express its anger by thrashing violently in the abyssal waters, threatening to flood the Earth and swallow the stars but would be stopped by God each time.

Leviathan was originally referred to as Hellmouth or the gateway to Hell, a monstrous animal whose mighty demon’s mouth is said to represent the gates of hell itself and was damned disappeared at the Last Judgment.

However, it was not until Lucifer’s rebellion that things only grew dire once again, especially since the Leviathan’s envious nature could only be quelled for so long and the war was said to have disturbed the abyssal waters below during the conflict in Heaven.

Leviathan, is a demon of envy, also used as an image of Satan, in Judaism, he is a creature in the form of a sea serpent.

Leviathan was allotted the sin of envy.


Beelzebub is a name derived from a Philistine god adopted by some Abrahamic religions as a demon and formerly worshiped in Ekron later.

The name Beelzebub is correlated with the Canaanite god Baal.

Beelzebub was a fallen angel, specifically a Seraphim, who was once under the Archangel Gabriel and glorified as a Philistine deity named Baal Zebul. Either way, Beelzebub fell and joined Lucifer to become a high-ranking demon in Hell. In Catholic demonology, Beelzebub is sometimes considered to be one of the first three angels to fall from heaven, along with Lucifer and Satan. Beelzebub is known to be Lucifer’s second in command in the war of heaven.

He is usually portrayed as a monstrous fly, in fact, he is the lord of the flies and was allotted the sin of gluttony.


Satan was then known as Samuel. Where he became an exalted cherub for his power and status, and is second or even on par with Lucifer himself.

And now we know him as the true leader of demons. 

Little is known of Satan, maybe because we have interchangeably known him, as Lucifer itself, but they are two separate spiritual beings.

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Samael soon joined Lucifer’s cause to usurp God’s throne and take over Creation itself but Samael was mainly doing it for his own personal goal and that is to eradicate these humans, and soon Satan broke out with Lucifer and led the charge.

Satan is a great red dragon during the war of heaven and he is Lucifer’s trump card whose tail swept a third part of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth.  Satan is beaten in the War in Heaven against Michael and his angels:

This fallen angel was allotted the sin of wrath.


Belphegor is portrayed as a beautiful woman or as a troll who tempts people with laziness and he allotted the sin of sloth.

God may have thrown these little devils out of Heaven but still, he had his eye on them and wasn’t about to let them have the upper hand and so he ordered his ranks of angels to help keep the peace on Earth by continuing with the battle between good and evil.

Unlike the majority of rebel angels, Belphegor did not totally join Lucifer’s side after he declared war against Heaven, nor was he fighting against the rebellion at God’s side either. Despite not being part of Lucifer’s rebellion, the fact that he refused to join God’s side and instead stood idly and do nothing earned him his Father’s punishment, and he was cast down to Hell alongside all the other rebel angels, transforming him into the Archdemon of Sloth.

Also known as “The Princes of Sloth”.

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