What are Guardian Angels?

Have you ever had something happen that you just couldn’t explain? A moment when you felt protected and safe, even if the situation could have been dangerous? If so, it may well have been the work of a guardian angel, who is sent to earth to protect and nurture us on our life journey. Many of us may have heard the term ‘guardian angel’, but what does it really mean and what can we learn from these amazing divine beings?

What are guardian angels?

Guardian angels are with us all the time, even as you read this. A guardian angel is a being of Divine Light who is there to help and guide you in life. ‘Angel’ simply means ‘Messenger of God’, and it can help some people to think of guardian angels as beings who take messages back and forth between us and our Creator. Put simply, guardian angels are there to do the work of God, and they always have our best interests at heart if we choose to listen.

Their History

Guardian angels have a long history that has been recorded over time and transcends many different religions. In that sense, guardian angels do not belong to one group of people or faith, and can be considered to be truly universal.

In recorded history, guardian angels are mentioned in Catholicism and are referenced frequently in the Bible and in Protestant Christianity, where they are referred to as messengers who help people in need. In Judaism, there are also mentions of God’s angels in the Torah, again as beings that are sent to help and provide guidance. In Islam, it is said that followers are given two guardian angels who stay with a believer throughout their life on earth, each one sitting on each shoulder. Even in Hinduism, there is a concept of guardian angels called deva, and followers believe that every living thing, be it a person, animal, or plant has a spiritual being to guard and help it.

If we go even further back, ancient Greek philosophy also mentions guardian angels as beings that watched over people and were vital in helping with spiritual guidance and protection. Other religions like Zoroastrianism and Buddhism also make reference to guardian angels, and they are mentioned in almost all world religions and are noted to have almost identical functions.

What do they specialize in?

In their most basic form, guardian angels are there to love us and take care of us. It doesn’t matter if we believe in them or not, or if we are leading a particularly ‘good’ life at the time, as angels are unconditional. In this way, they are non-judgmental beings and their function is to provide us with support and protection.

If we break it down however, guardian angels also specialize in a number of different areas.

Protecting us:

Put simply, guardian angels are here to guard us, which is why they are named as such! They want to protect us as we walk through life and ward off evil, temptation, or any negative forces or influences in our lives. We often hear stories of guardian angels who have pushed someone out of the way when they were about to be hit by a car, and while this is an excellent example of a way in which a guardian angel could protect you, this is not the only way in which they are here to help you.

Praying for you:

This is why it doesn’t matter if you are a skeptic or not, or even if you personally have faith or you don’t. Guardian angels do not judge us, for they only see the good side of everyone, and as such your guardian angel or angels are there to pray for you, constantly asking for God’s help to smooth your passage in life. Of course, you won’t be able to hear these prayers or even be aware that they are happening on your behalf, but rest assured that your guardian angel is constantly acting as a channel between you and your Creator. If you yourself pray, then guardian angels also take part in these prayers and are said to be included in the good thoughts that go with them.

Guiding us:

Guardian angels also have a function to help guide us on our life path, whatever this may be. We often won’t even realize that our angels are guiding us, but when we have a moment when we just ‘know’ what the right thing to do is, or a thought of how to proceed just pops into our head, we can be sure that this is because of divine guidance from our guardian angel, who just has our best interests at heart. Because of the laws of Free Will, we can choose whichever path we wish, however, our angels are always there to guide us on our way if we choose to listen.

Nurturing us:

When it comes to guardian angels, it really doesn’t matter if you are a skeptic or not, as angels pay no attention to this and love everyone equally. That said, one of the main functions of guardian angels is to nurture those on earth, so if you are open to letting guardian angels into your life and acknowledging their presence, you make their job so much easier.

People who do acknowledge their angels often say that they feel lighter and less afraid in their lives, and that knowing that their angels are around them offers the a huge amount of comfort and support. Remember, the angels are there for you whenever you need them, and they like nothing more than helping and taking care of those who want to welcome them into their lives. Those who do will feel happier, more peaceful, and more settled in life.

If you look back on your life so far, you can probably start to pinpoint moments when you felt the presence of one of your guardian angels. This might be something dramatic, such as a rescue situation as mentioned before, or it might be something that seems less significant, such as a moment when you were about to give up on doing something, only to find encouragement in the strangest of places. It also might come in the form of a piece of advice that just seems to come out of nowhere, or some help that arrives just when you feel that you are floundering and need to be rescued.

Even if you are something of a skeptic, oftentimes you will be able to find an event that can’t be explained, other than by the presence of a wonderful guardian angel.

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