Top 3 Angel Card Spreads

One of the biggest appeals of Angel cards is that they don’t have strict rules when it comes to doing readings. There really are no rules and there isn’t a wrong or right way to do an Angel card reading. For Angel card readings it’s important to do what feels right and to let your intuition guide you. Have faith in knowing that your Angels will always lead you to what is right for you.

Although you can conduct your reading however you would like there are a few common spreads that are used in Angel card readings. In this guide, we’ll be going over the top 3 Angel card spreads.

The One Card Spread

This Angel card spread is the easiest one to conduct and the most popular. When looking at guides for conducting Angel card readings, this is the spread that is often suggested. It is a fairly straightforward method. Drawing one card is great for those times when you need to focus on just one question without any complications. You can use the one card draw method to answer any question. Due to the uncomplicated nature of this spread, it’s easy to use for daily guidance from the Angels or just any time you feel you need a little pick me up.

With this method, you don’t have to stop at just drawing one card in your reading session. You can continue to pull a card one at a time from your deck as you give your reading to build a story.

The Three Card Spread

Another popular and easy to use spread is the three card spread. There are a couple of variations of the three card method and they will be listed here.

The best known three card spread is Past/Present/Future. For this spread, the first card you draw is placed on the left and it represents the past. This card reveals what past energies are influencing your situation. The next card you draw is placed in the center and represents the present. This second card reveals the truth about what is currently going on. The third and final card is placed to the right and represents the future. This final card reveals the potential outcome of your current situation. With this spread, it’s important to remember that the time frame of these messages can vary. The future could be months from now or tomorrow and it is up to you to use your intuition to interpret the cards.

A variation on the three card spread that really helps you to connect with your Angels is the Situation/Challenge/Guidance spread. Again, the first card that you draw is placed to the left. This card represents the issue that your Angels would like to help you with at the present moment. The second card, which is placed in the center, represents what your Angels would like you to know about your situation. This card reveals present challenges with your situation. The final card is placed to the right and it represents the guidance your Angels have for you regarding your problem.

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross spread is another commonly used spread. It provides a more in-depth reading than the one card or three card spreads, but is still fairly easy for a beginner to understand. This spread can be used to answer any type of question. There are some variations about where to place cards 3-6, but for this example we’ll use the diagram above.

  • Card 1: This card represents your current situation or problem.
  • Card 2: The second card presents the challenges affecting your situation. This will be an obstacle you must overcome.
  • Card 3: This card represents your current energies and influences. This can be anything from your goals, ideas, and current thoughts.
  • Card 4: This card represents the basis for your situation. This includes any subconscious influences like emotions you may not realize you’re feeling.
  • Card 5: This card represents the immediate past of your current situation.
  • Card 6: This card represents the immediate future of the situation.
  • Card 7: This card represents your personal influence on the situation. This card represents your attitude toward cards 1 and 2.
  • Card 8: This card represents external influences. This can be anything from your environment or other people who may be influencing the situation.
  • Card 9: This card represents your hopes and fears. It reveals your secret wishes about the outcome of the situation.
  • Card 10: This card represents the final outcome of the situation. This card reveals the longer term consequences of the situation.

These three card spreads are just some of the most commonly used in card readings. The great thing about Angel cards is that you have the freedom to use any of these spreads, others you may have come across, or create your very own. Just remember to let your Angels guide you.

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