Love Readings Using Angel Cards

When it comes to using any type of cards like Tarot or Angel cards, one of the most common questions people ask is about their love life. We all want to know if we’re ever going to find our soulmate or if our current relationship is going to work out. Many people turn to divination, especially Angel cards to answer all of their burning romance questions.

Love is something we all seek out and feel. For some people, it might not be that easy to find the person who we belong with. Seeking out help from the Angels when it comes to love can help alleviate the negative feelings that go along with being alone. Since Angel cards have such uplifting messages often filled with love and life, using them to tap into your Angels’ guidance will help you in your journey to find true love.

Not only can Angel cards help you to find love, but they can also answer any questions you may have about a current relationship. Opening your heart to the Angels will allow you to see the truth about your relationship.

When seeking advice from the Angels on matters of the heart, it’s important to let go of any negative feelings and emotions. Really try to focus on your heart and allow the light of the Angels to fill it up and guide  you on the right path.

How to Use a Three Card Spread For Love Predictions

As discussed in section about Angel card spreads, the three-card spread is one of the most popular and easiest to use. There is another variation of the spread that is great for answering questions about relationships.

Just like with all three card spreads, for this variation you will draw three cards from the deck in succession. The first card you draw will be placed to the left. This card relates to your personal energy and it will reveal your true desires about the relationship. It will also offer insight into your real feelings and emotions. The second card, which will be placed in the center, represents how the other person is feeling. This card will reveal their desires and tap into their energy. The final card, placed on the right, deals with the nature of the relationship between the two of you. This is where the Angels’ guidance comes in and shows you what may be missing from your relationship and if there is anything that you can do to strengthen your bond with your partner.

The Romance Angels by Doreen Virtue

One of the most popular decks for exploring love questions is Doreen Virtue’s Romance Angels deck. This 44 card deck contains cards with images of cherubic Angels and deals with all things related to love. This deck helps you receive guidance from the Angels about your love life. It also may reveal insights into your soulmate, help you heal from past heartbreak, and provide some help in attracting new love into your life.

The Romance Angels deck comes with a guidebook and here are a few tips on how to use the Romance Angels deck effectively:

  • The cherubic Angels in this deck are completely dedicated to love and anyone can call upon them at any time.
  • These Angels are playful, give off good energy, and they fully awaken and open our hearts.
  • There are also Archangels you can turn to whose specialties are related to romance.
    • Archangel Michael provides guidance and protection to ensure that we have healthy relationships.
    • Archangel Chamuel guides us towards whatever we are seeking including love.
    • Archangel Raphael helps heal our hearts from past wounds and he keeps it open to new love.
  • As with all oracle cards, you can’t make a mistake as the Angels really know what’s in your heart.
  • To give the best reading you can with these cards, make sure that your heart and mind are open and free of negativity.

Doreen Virtue also suggests writing a letter addressed to the “Guardian Angels of My Soulmate”. She says that this will assure you a direct connection to your soulmate’s Angels. She also says not to worry about who your soulmate is because the Angels and God already do. It’s important to pour your heart out in the letter so that you will receive Divine guidance toward meeting your soulmate.

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