What Are Angels

Angels are a universal Heavenly symbol. Although most people have a general idea of what Angels are, many people don’t actually know much about them. The first thing to know about Angels is that they are spiritual beings who were directly created by God. Contrary to popular belief, Angels are not humans who have died and gone to Heaven. Angels exist on an entirely different realm from humans. Just like us, God created them. Their purposes are different from ours and we are not the same type of being.

Another commonly held misbelief is that Angels have unlimited knowledge. This is simply not true. As created beings, they do not know everything in the way that God does. They do, however have more knowledge than humans. This can be attributed to the fact that they were created to as beings higher than humans, they study the Bible and the world more thoroughly than we do, and they have had more time to observe humanity and the world.

What Do Angels Do?

Angels were created by God to serve him in all of his needs. The jobs of the Angels may vary, but they mostly carry out God’s will and help people. Here is a list of some of their main purposes:

  • Messengers – they deliver God’s messages to people. They make great announcements and make God’s will known to humans.
  • Protectors – Angels are all around us and are there to help us when we are in need.
  • Guidance – Since the Angels are always around us, they can see and hear us when we call out to the Heavens. They are there to answer those calls and provide advice and guidance.
  • Worshiping – While the Angels are in Heaven one of their greatest duties is to sing the praises and glory of God.
  • Providers – God also sends the Angels to provide for those he deems worthy.
  • Recording deeds – Angels are also tasked with keeping a record of everything that happens on Earth and in the universe

The Different Types of Angels

Although all Angels have some similarities, just like people they have many variations. In general there are nine different types or choirs of Angels and they are grouped into three different “celestial spheres”.

The First Sphere contains the Angels that are closest to God and they are the furthest away from humans. They mostly reside in Heaven and rarely make appearances on Earth. The choirs of the first sphere are:

  • The Seraphim
  • The Cherubim
  • The Thrones

The Second Sphere contains God’s governors. These Angels are like the middle managers and bridge the affairs between the upper Angels and the lower classes. The choirs of the second sphere are:

  • The Dominions
  • The Virtues
  • The Powers

The Third Sphere contains God’s messengers. These are the Angels that directly oversee the affairs of the mortal world. The Angels in this sphere deal directly with humans and report to the upper choirs of Angels. The choirs of the third sphere are:

  • The Principalities
  • The Archangels (not to be confused with the special Archangels like Michael, Gabriel, etc.)
  • The Angels (This is the group that contains Guardian Angels)

Although not necessarily a class of Angels, Archangels are special and important Angels. These are God’s most powerful Angels, who carry out special missions and announcements. The four most important Archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel.

In addition to the Holy Angels there are also Fallen Angels. These are the Angels who have been cast out of Heaven for their sins and have turned into demons. The most famous Fallen Angel and their leader is Lucifer. Once he fell he became known as Satan and made it his mission to lead people toward sin and away from God.

How to Connect to Angels

Now that you know that Angels are all around us, here’s a little more information about how to connect with them. Although Angels are here to help us, the first rule of their duties to humans is that they are not allowed to intervene in our lives unless we ask them to. If you are facing difficult times and need help from Heaven, you must actively call out to the Angels. Some things to remember when trying to connect with the Angels:

  • Keep an open mind.
  • Meditate or pray daily
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Ask for help in a way that makes you feel comfortable.
  • Watch out for signs and messages.
  • Express gratitude to your Angels

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